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Aigialeia - Church of Panagia Trypiti at Aigion

The task «Intergrated Interventions-Restoration of the church of Panagia Trypiti in Aigion» includes the restoration of the building complex and surrounding area of the Holy Pilgrimage Zoodochos Pigi Panagia Trypiti in Aigion. It is one of the most important monument of religious tourism. This monument consists of a church formed in a cavity of natural rock (cave church) and a two-storey building of neoclassical and eclectic architecture constructed in 1870, attached to the cave church (historic building) .The initial phase of monastery in this site is dated according to historical documents at the end of 18th century, though the tradition refers to even earlier dating in 16th century. At the west side of the monument there are newer buildings of mid 20th century, which serve functional needs of the church. The building complex is integrated in a verdant natural environment which in combination with the two-faced monumental scale gives to the visitor a sense of magnificence and tranquility.
The task is implemented under the self-supervision of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaea, it has duration of 26 months and a budget of 1.200.000,00 euros.

Project objectives:

  1. Protection and preservation of the monument
  2. Aesthetic restoration of the monument. Prominence of the specific architectural features of the buildings (combination of cave church and building of neoclassical and eclectic architecture).This intervention with the ultimate goal of respecting the historical continuity of the monument will be carried out by removing the newest elements that create visual disturbance and implementing the appropriate maintenance works .
  3. Ensuring safe use of the monument
  4. Accessibility for people with mobility problems and the elderly – Elimination of social inequality.

Analytically the interventions to the monument are:

  1. Conservation and restoration of the historical building and cave church.
    This intervention includes conservation of ceilings of historical building and murals on the cave church. The conservation of paintings that decorate the historical building, painting of walls with the technique of imitating marble and conservation of the decoration made by plaster on the ceiling and frames of paintings.The conservation of the buildings includes the total renovation of the interior of the monument (repair of floors and windows, repair of roofs, painting, electrical work, supply and installation of air conditioning systems) and renovation of the exterior of the new building.
  2. The construction of elevator and lift for the access to the people with mobility problems and the elderly.
  3. Slope stabilisation work, to prevent rockfalls
  4. Restoration of surrounding area.


September 2019 / November 2023
€ 21.115.000,00
€ 17.947.750,00
€ 3.167.250,00

This project is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.

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