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Aigialeia - The Archaeological Museum at Aigion

The project “Extension of the exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Aigion” is being implemented since 2020, based on a study approved by the Hellenic Central Museum Council. The exhibition is developed along the circumferential corridor of the atrium of the Museum, which occupies the entire east side and the half of the north and the south sides. The surface which occupies the exhibition is estimated, approximately, at 180 square meters. The arrangement of the exhibition place includes the architectural design of the part of the atrium and the placement of the appropriate equipment. The exhibition is divided into a total of six (6) Museographical Sections, one for each of the six (6) new archaeological sites that came to light in the region of Aigion. The total budget of the project amounts to 500.000, 00€ and consists of two (2) Subprojects:

The Subproject 1 refers to the commission and the placement of twenty four (24) museum display cases of archaeological findings self-illuminating, airtight and opening, eight (8) of which are air-conditioned.

The Subproject 2 refers to the commission and the placement of the rest of the equipment, namely twelve (12) bases – pedestals for the secure placement of ancient objects, seven (7) exhibition constructions for the placement of the exhibition material, one (1) base of instructional material of small size, thirteen (13) plaques of instructional material of big size, the exhibition dashboards and the metallic constructions for the secure support of the ancient objects, three (3) special constructions: one (1) for the placement of vases in free-style performance of the ground, one (1) for the placement of the ceramic fireplace and one (1) one for the reconstruction of the pediment. In addition, the commission-placement and the arrangement of the accent lighting of the scenery as well as the graphic editing-printing and the placement of the conventional instructional material and the creation and the technical equipment of the presentation of the electronic instructional material are included in the configuration.

Project aims

In the frame of the project, the Ephorate is going to enrich the exhibition of the 90’ with new valuable archaeological material, coming from six new excavated sites during the last 10 years. The new exhibition will be developed in 6 sections, one for each archaeological site, in the perimeter of the atrium of the Museum.


September 2019 / November 2023
€ 21.115.000,00
€ 17.947.750,00
€ 3.167.250,00

This project is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.

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