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In the riverside zone of Greece – Albania border at the slides of Pindus Mountain range, south of the Sarandaporos river surrounded by forest lands and in close proximity to Amarantos baths and the town of Konitsa are located Kavasila Thermal Baths.  The area is famous for the amazing natural environment, the outstanding cultural and religious monuments, and the astonishing local architecture. These characteristics have turned the wider area of Konitsa to an emerging tourist destination. The place offers a variety of opportunities for alternative tourism and ecotourism throughout the year. The visitor can go rafting at the crystal waters of Aoos and Voidomatis rivers, do climbing and mountain biking to pristine trails of the Pindus Mountains range. There are also organized hiking routes as parts of a wider network of trails in the Epirus Region with main destinations Amarantos via Sarandoporo Bridge, Pyrsogiani to Aetomilitsa, settlements of Kato and Ano Kledonia to Mount Tymfi.

Additionally, close to Kavasila thermal springs there are important religious monuments of the Byzantine period: Molyvdoskepasti Monastery (7th century AD), Panagia Stomio Monastery, Holy Monasteries (Zermas, Molistis, Kavasilo) as well as many churches, examples of the art of the local craftsmen. 

The main interventions that are included in TheRout_Net project for the Kavasila thermal baths are: 

Intervention: Upgrading the Bath facilities with modernization and expansion projects, i.e.:

  • Construction works for the reorganization of the building facilities, mainly the relocation of the W.C. core. on the ground floor
  • Replacement of internal and external frames where required
  • New floor and wall coverings
  • Repair of mechanical installations in the existing building (Water Supply, Drainage, Heating, Ventilation/Air Conditioning)
  • Construction of a space to house the mechanical facilities of 100 sq.m. north of the existing building of the Baths
  •  Adding the necessary mechanical equipment and taking measures for safe operation in the outdoor pools.
  • Construction of a core of sanitary facilities and SHOWERS for the service of bathers in the outdoor facilities.
  • Construction works of the surrounding area of a total area of 1 hectare.

Additionally, the project will contribute to the promotion of the thermal springs. As part of the new cross border tourist product, they will obtain a new dynamic regarding its extroversion and international endorsement.


September 2019 / November 2023
€ 21.115.000,00
€ 17.947.750,00
€ 3.167.250,00

This project is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.

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