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Municipality of Roseto ValFortore, Watermills Hostel in Frassati path

Region: Puglia
Province: Foggia
Municipality: Roseto Valfortore
Address: 71039 Roseto Valfortore
Coordinates: 41°22’03.2″N 15°05’29.8″E
Property: Municipality of Roseto Valfortore
Tipology: Public Building
Period: 1700


Water mills are the only historical reality inherent to the industrial era in the Monti Dauni area. They were once widely spread along the course of the main watercourses. Their progressive disuse led to the transformation of most of the mills into ruins. The water mills in the best condition today are those of Roseto Valfortore and Bovino (along the course of the Cervaro River). The mill complex of Roseto Val Fortore consists of two structures located respectively upstream and downstream of the so-called Mulini municipal road and connected by a large canal for the water adduction of the structures.
The downstream mill was possibly built during the 18th century and renovated in 1848, the date engraved on the entrance portal in the basement of the building. The milling structure is located downstream from the town, near where the Vandagillo Canal flows into the Fortore River.
The mills underwent structural recovery in 2005 when the two buildings of the Old Mill upstream and the Mill downstream were restored, as well as the water collection tanks (located next to the upstream mill), which have now been converted into swimming pools..
The architectural characteristics of the two recovered buildings lent themselves to the allocation of new functions. While respecting the aesthetic character of the building, the upstream mill was used as a museum. The Mill downstream was also restored and recovered for educational trails.
In this area, there is the miller’s inn, currently used as accommodation managed by the Roseto Val Fortore Cooperative, which together with the swimming pools is the first accommodation for walkers in the Roseto Val Fortore area.

Enhancement proposal

This project intends to redevelop through maintenance works the architectural artefacts that are part of the Water Mill Park in Roseto Valfortore.


September 2019 / November 2023
€ 21.115.000,00
€ 17.947.750,00
€ 3.167.250,00

This project is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.

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