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Preveza’s thermal baths are in the homonymous cosmopolitan coastal town of Preveza, an area of rich and exceptional historical, archeological, environmental and tourist interest.

The baths are located by the seaside and part of them is constructed back to the 17th during the Ottoman Empire. Close to them is the fortresses of Agios Georgios and Pantokrator, great examples of Medieval and Venetian fortification art. Very close to the town is the ancient Nikopolis, which is the largest ancient city in Greece, built in 36 BC and has a specular ancient theater. Additionally, in very close proximity is located the world famous Nekromanteion of Acheron.

The town of Preveza is built next to Amvrakikos Gulf, one of the most important habitats of the country which has been declared as the “Amvrakikos Gulf Wetlands National Park”, a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. 

The area is famous for its long coastline and the clear waters. Millions of tourist enjoy every year the incredible Preveza Riviera. 

The main interventions that are included in TheRout_Net project for the Preveza thermal baths are: 

  • Upgrading the Bath facilities with modernization and expansion projects
  • Expansion of health/wellness services provided
  • Upgrading the surroundings of the Baths

Additionally, the project will contribute to the promotion of the thermal springs. As part of the new cross border tourist product, they will obtain a new dynamic regarding its extroversion and international endorsement., but it will also provide an added value to the new “product”.


September 2019 / November 2023
€ 21.115.000,00
€ 17.947.750,00
€ 3.167.250,00

This project is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.

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